Why is my body type an apple, a pear or a carrot?

Have you wondered “Why is my body type an apple, a pear or a carrot?”. According to Dr. Cass Ingram author of ‘The Body Shape Diet,’ a person’s body shape can often reveal what is going on inside the body – namely the glandular system. The glandular system comprises of the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands, the pituitary gland and many more. If one of the glands isn’t functioning as optimally as it should, the body will highlight this.


what body shape am I


Someone with more of a ‘carrot’ type body shape may be suffering from an adrenal issue, someone with an ‘apple’ type body shape may have more of a thyroid issue and people with ‘pear’ type body shapes can have a pituitary gland malfunction. According to Paul Chek, the body is a ‘system of systems,’ and the body functions as a whole rather than in isolation. So a person can have a problem with one or more glands.

To give you an example a tired thyroid gland may reveal itself in weight gain around the middle and all over puffiness, presenting more of an ‘apple’ type body shape.

Dr. Ingram has devised a very simple system and survey to check which glands in the body are struggling. Once we have the information, we can help you to make nutrition, lifestyle and exercise choices based on you the individual!

Although supplements are never a replacement for real food, Dr. Ingram has also developed the Body Shape Glandular supplements, which can support the ideal diet and exercise programme. These are whole foods crushed into capsules, so they shouldn’t really be called ‘supplements’ at all. Really they are additional foods.




To give you an example, the adrenal glands need organ meats to function optimally. If you don’t have the time to cook organ meats regularly, Dr. Ingram’s ‘Adrenal Body Type’ capsules, which contain grass fed Argentinian liver can be really helpful. Our clients are loving the results!

Once you know which body Shape you are, it becomes easy to lose weight, have more energy and know which foods work for you the individual.

If you’d like to find out which Body Type you are and how to ‘feed’ and heal the glands in your body, come along to one of our Body Shape Talks or Body Shape Workshops.

In health and happiness, Duncan.


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